Speaking Engagements

Kip Evans is a renowned professional photographer, cinematographer, and underwater explorer. He has been exploring the ocean and guiding conservation efforts through education since the 1990’s.

As a photographer for the National Geographic Society, he has worked in the ocean’s depths, diving to nearly 2,000 feet below the surface in one-man submersibles, and has logged over 1,000 scuba dives in various locations around the world.

As a cinematographer and conservationist, Kip has worked in California’s newly designated Marine Protected Areas documenting these special locations to help promote awareness for the ocean.  His recent film,  “A Wave of Change” is an example of this work.  In 2008, he joined the SEAlliance Foundation (named after Dr. Sylvia Earle), as the Director of Photography and Expeditions and has traveled the world documenting “Hope Spots” – special ocean areas that need vital protection.

With his stunning photographs and award-winning films, Kip’s presentations bring to life the beauty of our delicate ocean. Kip has given a wide variety of presentations to audiences of all ages and can tailor a presentation to meet your specific needs whether it is speaking to your school, university, company, or photography club.

Possible topics Kip can speak on include:

(1) Exploring the Ocean

(2) Marine Conservation

(3) Underwater filmmaking

(4) Marine Protected Areas

(5) Exploring the California High Sierras

(6) Introduction to Photography

(7) Advanced Photographic Techniques

To get more information on having Kip speak at your event, please contact us at kip@kipevansphotography.com.