Gyre: Expedition/Exhibition Project

The Anchorage Museum, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Sea Scavengers and Alaska Sealife Center present an evening about GYRE, an expedition to the Aleutian Islands and the northern fringe of the North Pacific Gyre in June 2012. An international team of artists and scientists, including ecologist Carl Safina, will journey to Alaska to change the way we view some of the most disturbing cultural artifacts of our time: plastic pollution. The voyage will culminate in an art exhibition that will travel the United States and abroad with support from the Smithsonian Institution.
Meet expedition artists Mark Dion and Pam Longobardi, Chief Curator Julie Decker of the Anchorage Museum, Alaska SeaLife Center Director of Conservation Howard Ferren and expedition photographer Kip Evans to learn about the project. Susan Dworak of Sea Scavengers and Daniella Dimitrova Russo of Plastic Pollution Coalition will also be present~

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