Sonoma Environmental Film Festival

This past weekend Kip’s film “A Wave of Change” was screened at the Sonoma Environmental Film Festival. Following the films of the day, Kip was invited to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of marine protected areas. Below is an excerpt from an article featured in the Sonoma Tribune, which interviewed Kip at the festival.

In addition to the films, a panel of experts will answer questions and talk about the status of the seas during a discussion moderated by Chris Bauer, winner of two awards from the International Society of Environmental Journalists. Kip Evans, who created “A Wave of Change,” will be one of the featured panelists. A longtime nature photographer who worked for National Geographic and holds a degree in marine biology, Evans was hired by the National Marine Sanctuaries, the organization behind the Marine Protected Areas, to make a short film to promote the project. With his visual sensibility as a photographer and his knowledge as a marine biologist and diving instructor, Evans was a natural fit for the project.

“You really have to be intuitive about the diving so you can focus on the image,” he said, adding that this project was especially important to him. “I’d say pretty much everything I’ve done has been around the oceans … The oceans are in serious trouble right now.”

Evans said the film first premiered at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, where it was a finalist for the “Best of the Festival” prize. To promote the Marine Protected Areas project, the film has been screened at festivals, state parks and online.

“This will be the first time we’ll have a panel discussion about Marine Protected Areas,” Evans said. “I’m glad that (the film) is receiving some good attention at the Sonoma Film Festival.”

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