Introduction to Photography

Dates: Private, On going

Instructor: Kip Evans, Photography Instructor

Description/Topics: This workshop is designed to introduce its participants to the best photographic opportunities along the Big Sur Coast

What you will learn during the workshop:
• How to find the best locations to shoot
• How to read weather and oceanic conditions
• How to find important information on the internet
• How to read ambient light and lighting angles
• How to control depth of field with any lens and camera
• How to control exposure and contrast
• How to increase your percentage of great images
• How to control color balance with film or digital cameras
• Filters I should be using
• How to expose for difficult subjects & situations
• How to slow down and really see images opportunities
• How to create great compositions
• Use and selection of tripods and heads
• Working with Photoshop and other image programs to get your images ready to print
• Digital photography programs and technologies available to you

Our workshop will emphasize a good balance between shooting in field and classroom instruction. By striking this balance, you will be able to acquire and practice new skills during the course.

As part of the workshop, you will also have an opportunity to have Kip personally review what you’ve been working on and suggest how you might improve. Kip will explain his personal techniques and approaches to landscape photography and use examples from his own portfolio.

Our courses are designed to provide information beyond the basics. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting photography or a serious shooter, Kip will adjust to your individual needs.

Cost: $500.00 – Per person, Includes classroom, field instruction and Photoshop instruction

Locations: Pacific Grove (classroom instruction) and Big Sur Coast (field instruction)

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  1. Fred A. Cole says:

    Is there a limit to the number of students that can attend this workshop? When is payment needed. Are there dates for 2011?

  2. Fred Cole says:

    How long is this workshop? What do I need to bring? Are there RV parks in the area?



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